10 Instagram Beauty Accounts That Give Me Life

As an artist you can hit some serious mental and creative blocks. It can also be hard to break your habits when you’re use to a certain style. I always believe in finding inspiration from different sources to get yourself out of a creative rut, both conventional and unconventional. One of my favorite places that serves as a source of inspiration is none other than ‘The Gram. I am constantly perusing Instagram looking at different makeup techniques to try or color combinations that I’ve never thought of.  I also find tons of brands and get insight on new products that are hitting the market well before the release day.  In addition to the beauty aspect, I gain a lot of inspiration for blogging and tips to help me become a better blogger/digital influencer.

There are way too many accounts that I love, here are 10 artists/bloggers/vloggers that have been killing the beauty game!  


instagram beautyphotocredit: instagram.com/kilprity

Keita Moore is superb MUA! Every post is extremely diverse and he always gives the deets on best MUA tools and products on his Snapchat. He has done major campaigns for brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Coloured Raine.  What I love best about his artistry is that he is awesome with perfecting the skin, especially on women of colour (WOC).


instagram beautyphotocredit: instagram.com/tominamakeup

This international artist is all about colors, especially on the eyes.  I always find myself drawn to her color combinations on the eye.  She has a way of making even the most neutral colors pop and her colors are blended to perfection.


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photocredit: instagram.com/stylenbeautydoc


This is like my blogger bestie, in my head! When I think of blogging I think of Danielle Gray.  She is so personable and shows her fun personality through her posts and videos.  What I enjoy most is her helpfulness when it comes to upcoming product launches.  There have been many a time that she has saved me some coints when I was ready to ball out on a makeup or skincare product. Her reviews are super thorough and honest, especially when it comes to WOC friendly products! She also provides fashion ideas, which I love!


instagram beautyphotocredit: instagram.com/cassieemua


All I can say is FACE CHARTS! I have been obsessed with face charts since my MAC days, but never perfected the art. Beyond being a talented MUA, she is bomb at face charts and hand art.


instagram beautyphotocredit: instagram.com/malimagic


Another MUA that lays on foundation like a dream is Mali Magic. She never disappoints when it comes to taking her viewers step-by-step through her looks, sharing her preferred products, and taking her followers behind the scenes on projects that she may be working on.


instagram beautyphotocredit: instagram.com/lindahallburgs

Linda Hallburgs gives me so much life with her editorial posts.  I’m working on challenging myself to expand my artistry and I just find myself in awe of her work, constantly.



instagram beautyphotocredit: instagram.com/jackieaina

Chile, Jackie… y’all know Jackie.  If not, you better get you some! What’s not to love about her?! She keeps it all the way 100 with her product reviews, gives her viewers in-depth tutorials, and adds a ton of humor while doing it! I love that she uses her platform to call out lack of representation of WOC friendly complexion products the beauty industry and has no problem roasting brands that don’t find the space for more that a variety of porcelain and beige in their shade ranges. On the flip, she will put you on to brands, high and low, that cater to WOC.



instagram beautyphotocredit: instagram.com/danessa_myricks

I have admired Danessa Myricks work since I started doing makeup on ‘06.  Her creativity is beyond belief and always perfect and she has a way of creating shapes and working with features like no other. She’s since started a makeup product line that is drool worthy, I’ve been eyeballing her eye polishes and highlighters!


instagram beautyphotocredit: instagram.com/desiperkins

Desi is truly my spirit animal.  She is slays on her Instagram, but she’s all the way live on her Snapchat. I love that she is so open with her viewers and takes you on a journey with her for pretty much anything; recording makeup tutorials, lookbooks, product unboxing, and brand trips. Guys, her vacation vlogs are to die for, I mean I’m over here trying to muster up the nerve to start YT and she’s over here making feature films out here!


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photocredit: instagram.com/thisthatbeauty


Felicia Walker-Benson is my blogger bestie #2, again in my head.  She is a skincare aficionado and always goes to the most luxurious brand events.  She was one of the bloggers that really got me into being obsessed about what skincare and makeup items to check out.  She presents a good balance of high-low options, and keeps it real with her thoughts about what she’s testing. She also is a mom and boy do I know what it’s like to parent, work FT, and run a side business; which definitely motivates me to keep moving towards my goals in this blogging/beauty space.

Who are your favorite Instagram beauty gurus? Let’s discuss!

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