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Artis Brush Review

artis brush

Yet another item that I tend to horde, other than lipsticks, is brushes.  Is it me or do you feel like you can never have enough brushes, especially when you’re too lazy to clean the used ones… no, just me? I think I have pretty much tried every type of brush on the market… that is until the release of, what I like to call, the “toothbrush” brush.  The first company that released them on the market was MAC cosmetics if I’m not mistaken.  I held off on purchasing these because I wasn’t sure whether they would be worth the hefty price tag.  I had seen a couple of videos by the MAC Director of Makeup Artistry, Romero Jennings, demonstrating how to use and of course I became intrigued.  I still was’t looking to shell out the coins yet.

I came across a sale on QVC for Artis brushes some time ago and the set was under $100 #winning. Here’s a  quick blurb about the company:

Born from the realization that makeup brushes have never evolved from the watercolour paintbrushes they copy, Artis is dedicated to the creation of the modern cosmetic and makeup brush. Through inventing new orientations, methods, materials and designs, Artis enhances the application of cosmetic and makeup products not only for Professional Makeup Artists, but all Makeup Users. Artis brushes are made exclusively with CosmeFibre, a revolutionary engineered fibre made for applying cosmetic and makeup products.

artis brush

The set that I purchased was the Elite Mirror set, which contained 3 brushes (Linear 1, Oval 3, and Oval 6).  The set is originally $105 and individual brushes run around $35-$75.  Still pretty pricey, but the  sale on QVC helped a bit. These are truly a unique set of brushes, but is it worth shelling out the coins? Here are my thoughts:

artis brushOval 6


What I enjoyed most about theses brushes was trying something new.  It was relatively easy to adjust to holding these brushes when applying product.  My favorite brush in the collection was the Oval 6.  The brush’s hairs appeared to be natural hair and was soft against the skin.  Product applied face like a dream.  Because of the size using the Oval 6 takes too long to apply and blend product all over the face using the Oval 6.  Although the application was flawless it was time consuming.  I’d recommend using this brush for concealer application and get a larger brush for foundation application.

artis brushOval 3


The only gripe that I have is I can only see myself using 1 of the 3 brushes.  The Linear 1 and Oval 3 are advertised to create a thin line across the lash line or for brows and applying color to the eyelid. I found that the Linear 1 was a bit rough on my lower lash line and  wasn’t as comfortable as the other brush that I use to smudge color. This brush isn’t thin enough for me to do a winged liner. Since I have a hooded lid I have to be picky with what liner brushes I use because it can go from 0 to panda real quick.  The Oval 3 was decent with applying an overall eyelid color, but isn’t something that I’d immediately pull for.  I don’t do a ton of highlight/contour work, but might be an alternative maybe for contouring the nose.

artis brush


Overall, I think that the collection was okay.  I can justify use of only one brush.  If I were to purchase from the brand again, I’d probably go straight for the face brushes considering how well the Oval 6 performed. I’m not quite sold on the eye brushes.

Have you tried Artis Brush?  If so, let me know what you think below!

 artis brush
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