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Brand Feature: koyVoca Cosmetics

If there is one thing that I make sure that I do as a blogger and artist is constantly research products, ingredients, and checking for breaking news in the makeup industry.  I have my fair share of high end products and get enough info on them, but indie brands are really making an impact on this billion dollar industry.  I find myself gravitating to these brands more and more lately. As many of us use social media to gain information on the latest and greatest, you would seriously be surprised about the gems that are out there.  That theory holds true for the feature of today’s post.

 While on Twitter last month, I came across a retweet praising a makeup company for the shade range that is offered to women of color (WOC) especially for deeper skin.  I instantly became intrigued because y’all know how I feel about the lack of diversity in the cosmetic industry.  It’s improving, but it’s still taking some brands time to get our tones correct or even extend their shade range. I digress… anyway I looked further into the retweet and noticed that I was not familiar with brand mentioned. I scurryied to their Instagram and later their website to find out more. Since I’m always striving to keep you guys in the know, I present to you koyVoca Cosmetics! 


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 This brand was founded by Courtney Coates and launched just last year! This brand is already buzz worthy. I’m so grateful that Courtney has taken the time out of her busy schedule out of schedule to take part in this interview.  Side note, koyVoca operates out of DC and there is nothing more that I love than seeing greatness coming from my neck of the woods. Let’s get to it!

Thank you for allowing me conduct this interview. Let me start of by asking, what inspired you to start your own cosmetics company?

I remember wanting to create my own cosmetic company since the age of eight, but the exact moment that made me go through with creating koyVoca was the lack of options available during the highlighting and contouring craze. I created a contour stick which is now The Contour Cream, to help address the disparity of there not being any deep contour colors.

 What does koyVoca stand for?

koyVoca are the words coy and vocal put together. I wanted a name that would describe the type of products the brand would carry – neutral and bold.

 I definitely understand your logic! Tell me about the vision behind your brand.

 My vision for koyVoca is to have an extensive collection of makeup products that brown beauties can enjoy. I feel that we tend to get left out of some of the makeup trends such as with the BB Creams and other new makeup crazes. I want all brown beauties to be able to actively participate in the makeup community and have fun with makeup!

What has been the response to your brand so far?

The response has been amazing! My customers have fallen in love with the products, and like how natural the foundations look on them. koyVoca has been featured in several major online publications such as Essence, Popsugar, Allure, Huffington Post Canada and more!

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Share your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

My biggest accomplishment is starting my business!

 The names of your products are super unique, what’s the inspiration behind the naming process?

 For the foundations, I initially wanted to go with sun signs since that’s something I find people can relate to, but the naming choices are limited. I then thought about other things people can relate to and that’s when I thought about cities. People always playfully joke about who’s city is better, and the pride people have in where they come from made me decide to choose cities as a naming scheme.


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Any advice that you can give to aspiring entrepreneurs that are interested in getting into the cosmetic industry?

Don’t spend too much time in the research phase! Get your hands on ingredients as soon as possible, to see first-hand how they interact with other ingredients.

 What is the best part about owning your own business?

Being able to express my creative side!

For now you offer complexion and lip products, any plans to extend your line in the near future?

 Yes! I am currently working on products like eyeshadows and brow pomades. I’m slowly building up the makeup selection by releasing products every few months.

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Other than your own brand, what cosmetic lines do you love and why?

 My favorite one is Bobbi Brown. I love Bobbi Brown’s theme of keeping the makeup to look natural. Mostly everything they sell subtly enhances the beauty and nothing looks like a mask.

What do you want to achieve for yourself and your brand within the next 5 years?

 My goal is to get koyVoca in every country possible! I want to travel the world and hold pop-up shops so I can meet my customers and they can try every product in person.


There you have it, folks! Again, I want to thank Courtney Coates for speaking with me you are truly an inspiration! I look forward to supporting your company and seeing it flourish in the future!

Be sure to check out KoyVoca Cosmetics at!!



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