Girl, where have you been?!

I know y’all, these last few months have been super cray! No, I didn’t have a Brittney Spears shaved head melt down, close to it though.  Honestly, I’ve been in a creative rut lately and extremely high strung/stressed with work.  Since I want to maintain my integrity in this space I didn’t want to post anything just to post, ya know? Fortunately, I have had time to really dig into some products during my mini hiatus and want to share some of my current favorites from the last few months.  Check out what topped my list!
Let’s start with brows. My brow routine is pretty consistent.  I have been using the Anastasia Brow Wiz for at least 2 years, but I’ve since branched out and updated my routine.  I’ve enjoyed using items from the new Benefit Brow collection.  After seeing their conference this past spring via Snapchat I wanted pick up an item or two once it released (I actually picked up 4).  I really like the Precisely, My Brow Pencil (Shade 3) and the 3D Browtones (Shade 2).
What first grabbed my attention was the packaging.  The wand-like design extremely unique and out of the box, which is appreciated. For the pencil, I initially got shade 4, which was too dark.  I repurchased shade 3 and it was perfect.  I prefer to go with a brow pencil that is a few shades lighter than my hair color to give a softer natural effect.  The pencil is very thin and makes it easy to draw hair-like strokes on the brow without being too harsh.
Next up is the 3D Browtones.  I haven’t used a brow gel in a while.  I picked up shade 2, which is a lighter brown shade with a bronzed shimmer effect.  The concept of the shimmer is to add dimension to the brow.
I’m reintroducing eyeshadow back into my routine. I usually have a clean brow, no shadow, and layers of mascara for my everyday look.  Palettes, neutral palettes, have been life.  I have been reaching for either the LORAC 3 or the Melt Cosmetics rust and dark matter stack.  The color selection and payoff from either palette are the best in my opinion. I think I gravitate more to the mustard yellow and terra cotta undertones these days.
My skin has been out of control lately.  First was uncontrollable acne, which still lingers. Then came uncomfortable dry patchy skin, which I think was a result of the anti-acne products I was using.  I stopped wearing makeup and went back to only basic skincare products.  I rotated 2 cleansers, a hydrating serum, sheet masks, and good ole coconut oil as a moisturizer.  After about 2 months of detoxifying my skin is pretty much back to normal.
I have been loving the Glamglow Supercleanse cleanser for detoxifying the skin.  The product is a mud-to-foam cleanser that leaves the skin super clean.  It’s recommended for normal, oily, and combination skin types, but I haven’t experienced any adverse effects on my dry skin. There is another cleanser and serum product that played a huge role in resurrecting my skin… but I’ll leave that for an upcoming post.
Sheet Masks
I’ve tried a few hydrating sheet masks and they pretty much do the same thing, but the mask that I have been grabbing lately is this one by Leaders in Solution.  I tried it for the   first time in June and it performed well. The best part about these masks is the price point of $4.  My masks have been anywhere from $8-$20 just for one sheet…. never again!  I have a few more to try that are around the $6 range, but I will surely keep the lesser expensive masks on hand!
Coconut oil is the real MVP.  It truly help tackle my dry skin that even fancy moisturizers weren’t able to do in the timeframe that was satisfactory. As a second runner up, the ROC Retinol Correction Deep Wrinkle Daily/Night Cream.  Although I don’t show signs of aging it’s never too soon to start.
It also helped for days that I didn’t use my SPF primer.  The formula is really rich and gave my skin a boost after cleansing.

What have been your recent favorites? Let me know om the comments below!

current favorites
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