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Skin Fetish 003 Golden Review

If there’s anyone in the celebrity world that I STAN for more than Rih Rih and Bey, it’s Pat McGrath.   For those of you who might not be familiar with Pat McGrath (if you are an aspiring makeup artist get familiar with her ASAP), she is an UBER talented makeup artists from the UK and has worked with remotely everyone in the industry.  Over the years she has come up with some of the most creative and influential make up looks. Her work can be seen everywhere from the runway, commercial and editorial spreads, and the mind behind some of your favorite beauty products. When I first heard that my makeup artist idol developed Pat McGrath Labs and released her own line of  cosmetics last year I literally lost my sh*t. Like it was about time for her to get her own collection going, but at the same time I was in awe that one of my faves was launching a collection.  Her first two collections were heavily focused on the eyes, but this collection of highlighters that launched a couple of weeks ago….. FAINTS!
Skin Fetish 003
When it comes to highlighting products, I am very picky with the quality of the product.  I’m not a fan of anything to glittery or frosty.  I like more of a dewy sheen or metallic finish to my highlight powders. For a couple of years now I have been using BECCA Opal or Champagne Pop as my highlighter, which have been perfect for getting that extra glow to the skin.  I purchased Pat McGrath’s Skin Fetish 003 Golden the day it was released and….. YES, just yes.  I mean life given!  The collection contains a dual highlight/glossy stick, a brush, and a pigment.  I might not get much wear out of the glossy part of the stick, but I really liked the versatility of the products.
Skin Fetish 003
To be quite frank the price tag is pretty hefty weighing in at $72.  However, I believe that the quality is definitely there and you can do so much with the product.  Seriously, the options are really endless with this collection.  Personally, I wouldn’t just limit it to just highlighting the skin. You could use this anywhere on the eyelid or under the brow bone. You could also set off a lipstick by applying a dab of the pigment on the lip bare or to alter the color of a lipstick.
Skin Fetish 003

The dual-ended stick has a balm on one side and a champagne golden cream color on the other that can be used alone or layered under the pigment.  The pigment is by far more superior than any highlighter that I have (and I’m not even exaggerating).  The formula is extremely sleek and the powder is finely milled and is gold with blue/green undertones. The brush that came with the collection has soft fibers and applies the pigment lightly for a subtle wash of color.


skin Fetish 003

Overall the collection was a home run and I’m contemplating getting the nude collection. Here’s a look that I came up with using using the cream color and pigment to highlight.

skin fetish 003

Have you tried Skin Fetish 003? Leave your thoughts below!

skin fetish 003
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  1. Lima

    I’ve been ‘errrrm-ing’ and ‘ahh-ing’ over the skin fetish for a while, I reaaaaaaally want it but man that price tag!!

    • Melanie

      Hey Lima! Yea, it was tough to bite the bullet on the price. I’m glad that it was actually a good product to justify the purchase.

  2. Paige Alea-Rose

    Oh my goodness this looks so gorgeous! I can imagine those sequins flying everywhere haha!

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