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Because …….. Melanin

As we know, all beauty products are not created equally. There has always been a battle with beauty products suited for women of color.  It is unsettling to see this in this day in age. This issue is two-fold.  On one hand, some beauty companies still do not offer a full range of foundation shades.  On the other hand,  there are artists n the industry that are not equipped with the tools to cater to women of color.

Top 6 Products For A 10 Minute Face

Do you ever find yourself with a limited amount of time to get ready?  I can clearly hear a collective, YES.  It’s surely a daily occurrence for me and most days I only have a millisecond to make it out of the door. In this instance, I only have time for my daily primer/moisturizer and a lip conditioner, which does the trick.  For those of you that may have a bit more time on your side keep these 6 products handy for a polished look in a matter of 10 minutes.